Travel Merchandiser working in store

Travel Merchandiser

Travel Merchandisers are the driving force behind our company's success. 

They travel extensively, handle various tasks, and play a crucial role in store transformations. Let's dive into how these professionals contribute significantly to our business.

Extensive Travel

Travel Merchandisers at SASR are vital in ensuring retail stores are set up for success. They're expected to be mobile, traveling often beyond 60 miles from their home base and even across state lines. This ability to travel is critical as it allows SASR to provide merchandising solutions to various clients, regardless of location.

Provided Lodging

SASR offers lodging arrangements for their assignments to support our Travel Merchandisers. SASR also provides a lodging per diem for field employees who prefer to set up their own accomodations. This provision ensures their comfort and allows them to immerse themselves in the project without concerns about accommodation.

Structured Planning

A typical workday for a Travel Merchandiser starts with a well-thought-out action plan.
​​​​​​Tagging and Pricing
Price tags and promotional materials are vital in attracting customers' attention. Travel Merchandisers are responsible for tagging items accurately, reflecting pricing adjustments and promotional deals.
Fixture Installation
Retail stores often introduce new fixtures and display units to showcase products innovatively. Travel Merchandisers are skilled at assembling these fixtures, ensuring they are sturdy and safe
Lifting and Climbing Tasks
A fair amount of heavy lifting is involved in the retail world. Travel Merchandisers are physically capable and trained to handle tasks, including moving and arranging heavy merchandise, equipment, or shelving units and climbing ladders safely to access elevated spaces. Safety is paramount in these activities
Stocking Shelves
Travel Merchandisers restock the shelves once reset targets are established. They meticulously place products, ensuring they are well-organized and visually appealing. A well-stocked shelf not only enhances the shopping experience but also helps in maximizing sales.
These tasks, while individually important, collectively contribute to creating an inviting in-store atmosphere, optimizing product visibility, and boosting sales. Travel Merchandisers' versatility and attention to detail are invaluable assets in ensuring that a store's appearance aligns with brand standards and customer expectations.

Blueprint Literacy

Travel Merchandisers must read floorplans, schematics, and planograms proficiently. These documents serve as their guides, outlining the precise layout and placement of products within the store. This skill is essential for ensuring accurate and attractive product displays.

Physical Endurance

Travel Merchandisers spend most of their workday on their feet, constantly moving and walking. This physical endurance is necessary to efficiently complete tasks, from setting up product displays to rearranging store layouts.

Adaptability and Teamwork

Flexibility is an essential attribute of a Travel Merchandiser. They must be adept at following directions and fluidly adapting to changing project requirements. This teamwork ensures that SASR's merchandising solutions are consistently delivered to meet client expectations.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​By focusing on these core attributes and skills, Travel Merchandisers at SASR excel in their roles, contributing to the success of retail clients across various locations. Their dedication to traveling, meticulous planning, adaptability, and physical prowess make them invaluable assets in retail merchandising